Managed Lead Generation for MSPs

Fed up with marketing companies who don’t understand your business and consistently deliver low-quality leads? 

Unlock your MSP’s growth potential with our AI Powered MGEN Program – where expertise meets excellence in lead generation.

The MGEN Program

Automated Outreach

Our MGEN Program leverages cutting-edge automation tools to streamline your email marketing and outreach efforts, bringing you leads without the hassle of manual follow-ups.

AI-Powered Lead Gen

With advanced AI technology, our MGEN Program intelligently optimizes your outreach campaigns, streamlining your lead generation process for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

High Quality Leads

Experience a steady influx of qualified leads each month with our MGEN Program. Through AI email marketing and cold calling activities you can get qualified leads that actually close.

Expert Coaching

Gain access to our seasoned team who provides personalized coaching and guidance, empowering you and your team with the strategies needed to capitalize on leads and market like a pro.

AI-Assisted List Development

Our MGEN database software includes over 200 million entries, making the development of a qualified targeted list effortless. With filters like company size, geography, industry as well as AI assisted categories like buyer interest, you can market like a pro by building a fully qualified list to target your outreach.

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Safe & Efficient Email Marketing

Leverage our secure and efficient email marketing platform to reach prospects effectively, even while you sleep. Through the use of sequences, you can automate your outreach for months or years in advance to continually stay in front of your prospects until they are ready to engage.

LinkedIn Integration

Stay connected with your prospects through automated LinkedIn connection requests, allowing you to target your possible clients through many different mediums. Easily find your prospects on LinkedIn or use the built in automation to reach out. 

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Automated Activity Scheduling

Through the use of sequences you can schedule calls and meetings for your sales personnel to connect with the most important contacts. These interactions are logged and reported to help keep sales people accountable to the marketing plan. Reports help you to see what is working and what isn’t so you can adjust.

Expert Coaching to Maximize Your Outreach

Our advanced software combined with our expert coaching provides you with a powerful lead generation engine that will generate qualified leads every month. As veterans of the MSP industry, we work with you to help you produce your OWN leads using a platform that will scale with you as you grow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The MGEN Program is an AI-powered lead generation program designed for Managed Service Providers (MSPs). It leverages automation tools and expert coaching to streamline email marketing and outreach efforts, providing a steady flow of qualified leads.

AI optimizes outreach campaigns by analyzing data to target the right prospects, ensuring higher efficiency and better quality leads through automated email marketing and cold calling activities. The AI will even help you write copy used in emails and cold calling scripts. Need to know who visited your website or who might be searching for your services on Google, well the AI does that as well.

You can expect a continuous influx of qualified leads that are more likely to convert. The program focuses on generating high-quality leads tailored to your business needs. If worked correctly we expect the investment to produce 3-6 qualified leads per month and 1-2 closed sales.

Yes, the program includes LinkedIn integration. It automates LinkedIn connection requests and helps you stay connected with prospects through various mediums, enhancing your outreach efforts. (*LinkedIn Premium account suggested.)

Automated activity scheduling helps your sales personnel stay organized by scheduling calls and meetings with important contacts. It logs interactions and provides reports to keep the team accountable and adjust strategies as needed.

While not technically a CRM, the system can be used as a CRM to manage lead lists, do outreach, track deals, report pipeline and close deals. If you already have a CRM it will likely integrate to help you keep records updated within your existing system (Salesforce, HubSPOT, etc.)

The program includes the software as well as a coaching program for the first year. The monthly cost is affordable and likely pays for itself once you close your first deal.

While there are many tools we use on the back end to keep your program running well, the main tool you will use is provided through a partnership with 

Yes! While we recommend anyone that has never used the software enroll in the coaching program to get it setup properly, we do allow customers to purchase just the software and provide ongoing support for its usage.

The program we provide includes a coaching component to help fast track you to success. Rather than struggle to figure the system out and do trial and error for a year or more to get results, we put you through a rigorous implementation and coaching program to ensure success as quickly as possible.

You can trial the software. Use this link to download a trial and use it for free. The program will be feature limited but will give you a good idea of what it can do for you. Once you are ready to engage, just reach out to us and we can help you get started with the full program.

While MGEN is not a good fit for you if you already have software you are happy with, we do have coaching programs available to train you in MSP strategy, sales tactics, email deliverability and outreach, etc. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs.

Absolutely! While nothing can replace an in-house manager to keep sales personnel on track and focused, our coaching works with your sales staff every week to not only train them in how to use the system but also to give them guidance in the development of cold calling scripts, email templates, and the right way to target your customers. Using reporting we can see if your staff is engaged with the system and doing the tasks it creates and help to keep them accountable.

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