About Us


Our mission is to drive success, foster growth, and cultivate excellence within the MSP community.

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, RedVine Operations leverages cutting-edge AI technology and personalized coaching from industry veterans. We offer a unique blend of innovative solutions and hands-on guidance to help MSPs achieve their fullest potential.

About RedVine Founder

RedVine was founded by Joseph Lamb, a pioneer in the managed services industry. Joe began his journey by founding Qsource Networks in 1999, leading its growth and success until its acquisition in 2018. His extensive experience, from small businesses to leading roles at larger firms, has equipped him with a deep understanding of the MSP landscape. At Integritek in Austin, TX, Joe served as President and COO, where he excelled in building high-performing teams, fostering a strong company culture, and maximizing operational efficiencies.

In addition to working with RedVine, Joe is a facilitator for Connectwise Evolve peer groups and works closely with groups composed of Managed Services Provider owners and operators to continually expand their business and grow towards the highest levels of operational maturity.  Joe has a B.A. from Southeastern University and an M.B.A. from Jannetides College of Business and Entrepreneurial Leadership at Southeastern University.  

Founder’s Vision

“I started RedVine to give back to the MSP community that has been very good to me over the years.  It is my goal to help other companies achieve the successes I have had in the industry and shepherd the younger generation to build great companies and make their dreams come true.” – Joseph Lamb


Meet the Team

Michael Young

As Partner, Michael Young brings his expertise in sales and business management to tackle the diverse challenges faced by MSPs. Whether it's navigating growth strategies or overcoming operational hurdles, Michael's mission is clear: empower MSPs to thrive. With a knack for turning obstacles into opportunities, he's your go-to guide for steering your business toward success.

Emily Soroka

As Marketing Director, Emily brings almost a decade of experience in digital marketing and graphic design. With a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Georgia and a Master’s in Digital Strategy from the University of Florida, she’s proof that crossing state lines (and college rivalries) can lead to powerful creativity and strategic insights.

Jordan Simms

As Public Relations Director, Jordan Simms is always ready to make an impact—even if she’s an AI! With her flawless voice and charming presence in our marketing and training videos, she’s the epitome of AI taking over in the best possible way. Jordan combines cutting-edge technology with a dash of humor to keep our communications engaging and effective.


Here's What Our Clients Say About Us

"RedVine coaches have helped us define policies and procedures that allowed us to scale our operations team and our supported user count by 50% in six months!"


How We Help You Grow

Grow Your Team

RedVine provides management coaching and consulting to implement an operating system within your MSP. Ideal for MSPs needing quarterly group facilitation to drive strategy and results, giving you the tools to scale.

Grow Your Leaders

We meet with you or your staff weekly to address problem areas, helping you identify and solve core issues. This process increases operational maturity across your business in a measured way.

Grow Your Sales

Our MGEN program works with your sales team to develop a comprehensive lead generation strategy. We help build a lead database, create effective email campaigns, and implement a cold calling regimen to provide regular leads.

Grow Your Company

For larger MSPs aiming to grow through acquisition, we target and qualify potential acquisition candidates, negotiate agreements, and provide due diligence services to close deals.

Companies We Love to Work With

Although we are vendor neutral, here are some of the companies we have worked with in the past and place full confidence in their abilities.