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RedVine provides MSP leadership development, 1:1 coaching, Lead Generation and M&A services to Managed Service Providers (MSP) to accelerate growth, drive positive culture and improve company value.  Engage with a RedVine business coach today to see how we can help.

Improve Company Culture

Drive Efficiencies

Increase Profits

The RedVine Way

RedVine approaches MSP consulting with a specific goal in mind: to increase company value.  Not just financial value, but value for everyone.  Employees, suppliers, your customers, and shareholders alike.  We believe the fastest way to do this is through improved company culture, positive changes to create efficiencies, and a measured approach to performance analysis. 

We understand that running a technology company is tough, because we’ve been there. That’s why we’re passionate about helping you reach your growth goals. We empower you to challenge mediocrity in your company and achieve your fullest potential.

MGEN: AI-Powered Managed Lead Generation

Unlock your MSP’s growth potential with our AI Powered MGEN Program – where expertise meets excellence in lead generation.

Our Service Plans

Grow Your Team

RedVine provides management coaching and consulting for your MSP focused on implementing an operating system within your organization. Best suited for MSP’s that need quarterly group facilitation to help with strategy and drive results. This engagement will provide the tools you need to train your leaders and scale.

Grow Your Leaders

RedVine meets with you or your staff weekly to discuss problem areas of your business where you need the most guidance. Our team helps you determine your real issues and the fastest way to correct them. Through this process, operational maturity increases in every area of your business in a measured way.

Grow Your Sales

RedVine works with your sales personnel to develop a sales and lead generation program we call MGEN. Our coaches work with your team to build out a lead database, craft an effective email marketing campaign and implement a cold calling regiment that provides regular leads for your business.

Grow Your Company

RedVine works with your fast growing organization to target smaller organizations for acquisition. We locate companies that are for sale in your target market, qualify them to ensure they are a good fit, help negotiate a deal that works for both sides and provide due diligence services to close the deal. This plan is best suited for larger MSP’s that want to grow by acquisition.

The RedVine Service Delivery Model PDF

Service delivery can be challenging. This paper seeks to outline a framework for comprehensive service delivery that is employee focused. Download it now to improve your culture, performance, and customer service!