RedVine provides several different engagement options to help you grow your MSP in value and maturity.

Our Service Plans

Grow Your Team

RedVine provides management coaching and consulting for your MSP focused on implementing an operating system within your organization. Best suited for MSP’s that need quarterly group facilitation to help with strategy and drive results. This engagement will provide the tools you need to scale.

Grow Your Leaders

RedVine meets with you or your staff weekly to discuss problem areas of your business where you need the most guidance. Our team helps you determine your real issues and the fastest way to correct them. Through this process, operational maturity increases in every area of your business in a measured way.

Grow Your Sales

RedVine works with your sales personnel to develop a sales and lead generation program we call MGEN. Our coaches work with your team to build out a lead database, craft an effective email marketing campaign and implement a cold calling regiment that provides regular leads for your business.

Grow Your Company

RedVine works with your organization to target smaller organizations for acquisition. We locate the companies that are for sale in your target market, qualify them to ensure they are a good fit, help negotiate an agreement that works for both sides and provide due diligence services to close the deal. This plan is best suited for larger MSP's that want to grow by acquisition.

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